Current Schedule


Vespers @ 6:00 PM

Hours @ 9:40 AM
Divine Liturgy @ 10:00 AM

(Watch here)

Please bring your face covering or a mask to wear during the services.

We will  social distance six  and masks are worn by everyone except priest, reader and choir. 

Social hour is still not permitted at this time.   

If you are still uncomfortable to come to church that is alright. Come as you start feeling comfortable.   

Please stay home if you are sick or feel you are at risk

We will continue to live stream services.  

Calendar Schedule:

Information on our worship services:

Video on An introduction to the Orthodox worship space:


Vespers: An Evening prayer service which begins the new day and is on evenings when Divine Liturgy will on the next Morning. 

Video on Vespers Service in the Orthodox Church:

Hours: a short morning prayer service before Divine Liturgy. 

Divine Liturgy: Is the main worship service of the church is centered around the Eucharist (Holy Communion the Lord’s Supper).

Information on the Divine Liturgy:

An overview video of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy: