Vespers, Divine Liturgy and Feast Days Schedule

Information on our worship services:

Video on An introduction to the Orthodox worship space:

Typica Readers Service:

At the Readers Service we sing appointed prayers, sing most hymns of the Divine Liturgy, read appointed scripture readings, and Saints/Feast days readings. 

Followed by our social hour potluck luncheon

-Typica Readers services are held on Sunday’s or Feast days when a priest is not here to serve Divine Liturgy.

We are blessed to have Fr. Paul Schellbach to serve Vespers and Divine Liturgy twice a month.


Great Vespers: An Evening prayer service which begins the new day and will be held on Saturday evenings when Divine Liturgy is held on Sundays. 

Video on Vespers Service in the Orthodox Church:

Hours: a short morning prayer service before Divine Liturgy. 

Divine Liturgy is held when a priest is able to visit.

Information on the Divine Liturgy:

An overview video of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy: